2023-2024 Schedule

December 1-3, 2023 - Winter Festival, Twisters Gymnastics, Orangeville

January 18-21, 2024 - Envol 2024, Les Sittelles, Ottawa

February 8-11, 2024 - For The Love of Gymnastics, Niagara Acro-Cats, Thorold

February 15-18, 2024 - Quinte Bay Classic, Quinte Bay Gymnastics Club, Belleville

March 7-10, 2024 - London Friends, Forest City Gymnastics Club, London

June 6-9, 2024 - Sunshine Competition, Mariposa Gymnastics Club, Orillia


Photography & Coverage

Our photographers are encouraged to use the aesthetic of the sport for all it's creative potential when capturing athletes in competition, seeking all the grace & grit that define gymnastics, and all of the great off-apparatus' moments with teammates, friends, and coaches that truly make a meet & tell the story of the day. Our goal is to provide memories of a lifetime from a finite time in an athletes life.

Coverage may vary depending on the meet, the Registration page will inform what packages are available for that particular weekend, based on the coverage provided.  We offer a Lite coverage and a Deluxe coverage, see below for more details:

KC Lite -
Includes floor photography plus coverage from our roaming photographers to deliver a sampling of the other apparatus' and piece together the story of the day for your athlete.  This coverage is more about #gymlife than straight athletics and seeks to provide content that shows there's more to a competition than just competing, while highlighting the athletic achievements from the showcase floor event.  We're looking for creative and unique ways to show off artistic gymnastics, finding those teaching moments with your athlete's coach, seeking those fun candid moments between teammates, and so much more - there's a lot going on, and we do our best to capture as much as we can!

KC Deluxe - This is full coverage, including beam, bars, floor, and vault, plus our roaming photography (when available).  In addition to the same goals we seek in our Lite coverage, we step it up a notch with full athletic coverage on each apparatus for every athlete.  Our goal is to provide highlights of your athlete's athletic achievements from each event while also providing the true memories of a lifetime that are sure to last, capturing the full competition day experience with their friends, teammates, coaches, and fellow competitors.

Gallery Registration (Packages) and Digital Downloads

All galleries are private, password protected, and delivered directly to you via email.
All registrations will be delivered with a complimentary subset of 2K digital images for download.  Upgrades are available.

2K Digital Images - screen-res images, suitable for small printing and digital display, including online sharing, HD slideshows, etc.
4K Digital Images - hi-res images, suitable for large printing up to 16" on the long side and 4k digital slideshows

All packages will include a set of 2K Digital Images for download, see below for info:

Showcase -
Floor Routine Only, with deluxe production.  Includes 15 images for download.*
If ordered before or during the meet weekend, please allow 7-10 days from the end of the meet for delivery.

Lite - Floor Routine plus a small collection of additional highlights and/or candid content.  Includes 25 images for download.*
If ordered before or during the meet weekend, please allow up to 14 days from the end of the meet for delivery.

Pick 3** - Coverage from 3 apparatus' - during Registration use the drop-down to select which event to drop.  Includes 30 images for download.*
If ordered before or during the meet weekend, please allow up to 3 weeks from the end of the meet for delivery.

Deluxe** - Includes full coverage from all 4 apparatus' plus additional candid content, with deluxe production.  Includes 40 images for download.*
If ordered before or during the meet weekend, please allow up to 5 weeks from the end of the meet for delivery.

* galleries will include approximately 1.5-3x the images included in your complimentary download, so you can customize your download or upgrade to the full set.

** available at meets with Deluxe Coverage only.

Deluxe Production and Delivery Times

All galleries are custom curated with all images receiving some level of post-production and quality control before delivery, and yes, this does impact delivery times.  Deluxe Production refers to more robust image processing, additional cropping, and a custom selection of alternate edits.  All images are processed to optimize for printing on Metallic Paper.

Delivery times will vary depending on the package chosen, size of the meet, and potential other factors, and may range from within the first week to 10-14 days after the meet (showcase, Lite), to upwards of 3-5 weeks (Deluxe), but in most cases will likely fall somewhere in the 1-3 week range from the end of the competition.  These are guidelines, but generally speaking, the lighter packages are meant for quicker delivery and the Deluxe package is meant to be treated with a lot more care and the delivery reflects that effort. 

**Please note, during peak season, if your order is within these timeframes emails requesting specific delivery times will not be answered - please understand this is a time saving measure meant to ensure everyone gets their orders as fast as possible.  Thank you.**

Though we understand the speed of life in our modern times and the social media aspect of it all, our goals are more about providing high quality photography that will provide a lifetime of a great memories on your actual walls rather than fleeting moments on your virtual walls.

Prints & Shipping

Prints are offered in various sizes from 4x6 up to 16x24, and available in glossy, lustre, and metallic finishes.
Your gallery is integrated with our printing partner, and as such all orders will be completed by them and shipped directly to you from their professional print lab.

Shipping is not included, and will be calculated upon completion of your order.

Online Registration

Registrations are always open, including for archived events going back to 2019.
Click HERE and find your competition to register for your photo gallery & download set!

Something I missed?  It's likely - If you have further questions, please contact us here.